One look/ un look: Perfecto: Primark (Old)Denim Shirt: Blanco (Actual)Shirt/Camiseta: H&M (Actual)Jeans: Urban Outfitters (Actual)Sneakers/deportivas: Vans (Actual)Bag/Bolso: Marc By Marc Jacobs (Actual)Pulseras: Camaleón (Actual)Colgante: Marc Jacobs  (Actual)Photo by @13patukaAn Adventure/una aventura: FROM THE HAGE TO AMSTERDAM/ DE LA HAYA A

Cardigan: Oysho (Old)Shirt/Camisa: Forever21(Old)Jeans: Urban Outfitters (Actual)Belt/Cinturón: vintageBag/Bolso: Tory Burch (Old)Scarf/Pañuelo: Primark (Actual)Wedgets/Cuñas: Blanco (Old)Necklace/Collar: Misako (Old)Watch/Reloj: Swatch (Actual)  Photo by @13patuka  I wanted to post these photos from my last trip to Holland some time ago. We